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The Colours of Islam

Starting December 1st, 2018, Salik KIDS will bring your children a program with a whole new twist on teaching Islam in a colourful and fun way. 

Join us as we go through 30 activities related to a variety of different Islamic rituals, places, and objects such as the Kabah, the Prophet's mosque, the Black stone, the Station of Prophet Ibrahim, olives, dates, hijab, crescent, miswak and so much more!

Each Saturday for 10 weeks we will cover 3 of these amazing concepts about Islam. Each session will include a brief introduction, an opportunity to learn how to write in Arabic and English, a colouring page drawn exclusively for this course, and a series of other activities that will ensure your child walks home with a complete understanding of those Islamic concept.

This program is bound to be an enriching learning experience for your children! Register your child now as spots are very limited!